Mission and History

Tzomet Career Counseling was founded in 2009 with the mission of providing expertise & guidance on educational and employment opportunities in Israel and abroad.

Tzomet has successfully helped thousands of students and adults to find appropriate vocational training and academic programs and opened doors for employment opportunities in a wide variety of areas of industry.  

Tzomet’s trademark is individualized guidance aligned with each client’s personality, life circumstances and values and sensitivities.

Tzomet provides its expertise and unique diagnostic tools to the Hebrew, English, French, Spanish and Russian speaking communities in Israel and abroad and through its online tools provides career guidance to clients in US, Canada, UK, Russia, & FSU, as well as at its home branches in Jerusalem & Bet Shemesh, Israel.


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We Offer a Unique Online CLARITY Career Guidance Indicator


Finding the right career is a lot more than searching job boards. When facing a crossroads in your professional development, the answer begins with identifying your core strengths and maximizing your potential. Tzomet's unique online career counseling tool, Clarity, is based on internationally proven diagnostic approaches to career development, and provides direction to optimal career options which will utilize your personality strengths to help you succeed and enjoy what you do.  

We Understand Your Community

What makes Tzomet unique is that our counseling approach is tailored for the individual and his or her community.  We focus on understanding the unique background of each individual client in order to guide him towards a satisfying career pathway.  Our counseling team is made up of professionals from various cultural backgrounds and serves clients in English, Hebrew, French, Spanish and Russian.  At Tzomet you can be sure that your career and employment needs will be understood in context of a complete picture of your background, sensitivities and values.

We Are Experts in the Industry

Navigating through the educational system and employment market can be confusing and daunting.

What opportunities exist for me to earn a livelihood given my background and life circumstances?

What are the trends in the job market?

What education is really needed in order to succeed in a specific field?

How do I know what training program is worth investing my time and money in?

Tzomet is well connected with industry leaders, government agencies, educational institutions, and employment agencies which are focused on providing opportunities.  

Becoming part of the Tzomet network is choosing to take the most direct and affordable path to meet your career goals.

We Focus on Guidance that Leads to Results

Our proactive approach focuses on building a personalized success plan. Whether your goal is choosing a career path, training program or finding a job, we play an active and supportive role in making sure you reach your destination.

Our satisfied clients from around the world are proof of our success in providing effective educational and career counseling.  



Mrs. Chana Ratner

Director & Career Counselor

As Director of Tzomet Counseling, Chana has spearheaded the effort to provide tailored educational and career solutions in Israel and abroad.  Under her management, Tzomet has overseen the educational and vocational guidance of thousands of clients from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and countries including Israel, US, France, UK and Russia.

Her strategic relationships with educational institutions, governmental and employment agencies have enabled her to provide exclusive opportunities to her clients. Among her many initiatives, she opened up various educational programs, preparing young men and women for competitive and satisfying job placement. Her practical approach focuses on the markets and industries that offer the most lucrative opportunities that are aligned with the personal values of each client.

Chana holds a MA from Touro College in Counseling & Education and uses her skills to turn clients setbacks and challenges into opportunities for growth and advancement. She has appeared before committees in the Israeli Knesset in order to advance the interests of the Charedi community in employment and education & has been written about in various  periodicals. 

Additionally, Chana is an accredited lecturer on Human Resources in Israel's Open University and lectures internationally about the importance of career guidance in personal development and community enrichment, and gives practical workshops on how to develop skills needed to succeed in the competitive job market.

Rabbi Jonathan Ratner

Founder & Instructor

Rabbi Ratner is Rosh Kollel in Nofei Aviv, Bet Shemesh, and has 20 years of experience in managing both investment funds and technology start-ups.  He has a Master's Degree in Management from Boston University, and was on the Dean's List at Columbia University in New York. He has managed the development of one of Israel's top security devices for airport security as well as financing the development of components of active air defense projects, such as Iron Dome.  Recently, he participated in Citibank's Tel Aviv Technology Accelerator on a project of multi-factor bank authentication using integrated biometrics, including face, voice and other smartphone capabilities.    


For Tzomet, Rabbi Ratner has creatively and scientifically transformed Tzomet's accumulated knowledge from years of experience in providing personalized career counseling to thousands of satisfied clients, into unique diagnostic software to help clients more deeply understand themselves and chart a successful and rewarding career.

Rabbi Ratner is the creator of Tzomet's online course to train Career Counselors and continues to create and develop Tzomet's unique & insightful materials for career counseling and personal development.  

Mrs. Shalva Habib

Head of Tzomet France

Originally from France, Shalva has been working in the fields of education and counseling for over twelve years.  Shalva’s training and experience enable her to help French-speaking clients overcome the lack of professional career guidance available to Israel’s French speaking community.

Shalva has a firm grasp of the many university and training programs available to students, and can help new immigrants find their way towards a rewarding career.

Shalva invests herself in helping clients to understand their options and to make informed and wise choices which reflect their background, personality, skills and inclinations.

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