Computer Networking & Cybersecurity

An in-depth, hands-on course that teaches networking and cybersecurity, perfect to prepare you to enter the IT and/or cybersecurity field. Our instructors are Israeli experts from government security agencies and cyber security companies.  

This course includes preparation for internationally-recognized certifications: CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) & CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker). Tzomet also offers assistance in writing your resume/CV and helps students to find internships/job placements.

Academic Hours: 220

Options: Once-a-week classroom meetings in the evening


                 Online live recordings (can actively ask questions and attend class world-wide)

IncludesOnline Resources & Practicum

                 Teachers' assistants to provide personal assistance and guidance

                 Optional Internship Program

Course in Progress from: September 1, 2019

Our office & Classroom:

Beit Aharon, Givat Shaul, Jerusalem

Rechov Ha'Ofeh 4 (Between Kanfei Nesharim & Bet Hadefus)

Floor 1 Office #105