Tzomet Project to Learn English From Home

At a time when students do not have full freedom of movment and many are confined to their homes, Tzomet Studies, of Jerusalem, Israel, in collaboration with the Jewish community of Moscow, Russia has initiated a program to pair up English teachers from Israel and USA with students in the Jewish community in Russia.

If you are interested in signing up for this unique opportunity, to use this time for personal growth and empowerment by learning English, Please fill in the form below.


If you are interested in teaching English online to Jewish students in Moscow, please fill in the form below.  


Tzomet will provide the teaching materials and the learning platform.


One-on-one Classes will be conducted online once or twice a week, according to the schedule of the teacher and student. 

For more information for students:

Mrs. Edna Amirgov

whatsapp: +7 964 597 34 45

For more information for teachers:

Mrs. Chana Ratner

whatsapp: +972 527 13 4917

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