The Real Cost of Career Counseling


With the costs of education rising, research is showing that levels of degree completion job satisfaction and job stability are dropping.  Research conducted on the correlation between career guidance and success in school & career has revealed the following:


  • Studying in a career path that is close to one’s interest or personality results in receiving higher grades (Tracey and Robbins 2006)


  • Higher levels of congruence between personality and career choice leads to a likelihood of completing a degree in a timely fashion (Allen and Robbins 2010)


  • The average worker currently holds ten different jobs before age forty (US Bureau of Labor Statistics). Among the top reasons behind this growing trend is the frustration of not using one’s best abilities and talents in their job, working in a diminishing industry and misalignment of one’s personal and spiritual values.


Professional career guidance will ensure that your choice of career and education pathway is in alignment with your interests and will express your best talents and capabilities. Your investment in career guidance will save you significant time, money and frustration.


For job seekers, career counseling’s ability to widen employment opportunities and speed up the process of finding a job will save you significant money by enabling you to start earning income.








According to a recent Manpower group survey, jobs continue to remain vacant due to a lack of talent.  


Among the findings in 2014, 35% employers  reported that it was because applicants lacked the technical (aka “hard”) skills needed and 19% reported lack of “soft skills” – e.g., communication or teamwork – in applicants.  


This survey emphasizes the need to select your educational or professional training program carefully to ensure that you obtain the hard skills needed to get a job.


With the growing market of educational programs it is crucial to receive proper guidance on which program will help you meet your career goals.  Professional career counseling will provide you with an objective evaluation of your best educational pathways that will lead to the job you are heading towards.


The survey also emphasized the importance of developing soft skills which are often not focused on in the traditional educational framework.


See complete article for the top seven soft employability skills that employers are seeking in their employees. The good news is that with proper focus, you can develop these skills in your home, through your studies and within your existing relationships.


Career counseling will provide you with guidance on how you can showcase your mastery of these skills to a potential employer, get your resume recognized and impress them on your employer in your interview.



Why Jobs Are Not Being Filled

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