Career Counseling


A Career Counseling session will provide you with the clarity on your next step by creating your personal development profile and road map for actualization.


Career Counseling sessions are perfect for:


Students seeking to make the right decision on career path and choice of the best educational or training from the start. 

Young adults  who know deep down that they can be earning more income and/or working in something that expresses their unique talents and skills.


Mid career changers  at any stage who are courageous to transfer their previous work experience and professional training into a more exciting, lucrative and fulfilling career.


Passionate seniors who are committed to maximizing their time to fulfill an ambition or give to the community by drawing from their work experience, connections and wisdom.

Our methodology combines the world’s leading tools in career evaluation with the know how on how to get there successfully.  In a career counseling session, your core values, interests, talents and aptitude will be synthesized with your background and life circumstances in order to determine the right next step for you.


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How Career Counseling will save you money

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Educational Counseling


Many parents struggle with understanding the implications that the different educational systems have on their childrens' eventual opportunities for obtaining a respectable profession and earning a living.


Educational counseling sessions are joint meetings with parent and student that aim to:


  • Clarify your long term and short term educational goals for your child

  • Evaluate your child’s work personality, preferences and learning styles

  • Review options and alternatives for reaching your specific goals within the educational framework of your choice

  • Develop a success plan for your child’s individual needs to reach your goals


Tzomet educational counseling will give you the peace of the mind that you are making an informed decision for what is best for your child’s nature and future.




Job Search Mentoring


Job boards give you listings of jobs. We train you how to get the job!

Our strategic approach combines teaching you how to find available jobs with personalized guidance on

how to get your CV noticed and get hired in your desired field.

Instead of spending your time finding about job openings, you will be able to focus your energies under our expertise  on what really counts!

In addition, our relationships with companies in Israel and abroad provide you with employment opportunities

in various industries.

Seminars & Workshops


Tzomet Counseling offers practical workshops in career development, building small businesses and achieving success in your job search.  

Topics include:

  • Unlocking your potential with career goal exploration

  • Using personal branding to build your small business

  • The benefits of self coaching

  • Getting your resume noticed

  • Job search strategies in the digital age

  • The do's and don’ts in networking

  • How to ace your next interview

  • Building employability skills in our children