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Tzomet Course in Digital Marketing & Content Writing

Unique class in digital marketing and content writing for native English speakers who are interested in exploiting their creative talents and language skills to earn significant income, including the option to work at home.   The course is taught by experts in online marketing and career development.

We provide you with everything you need to get a job in the enormous market of digital marketing and content writing online and opening up a new career pathway for part time or full-time work from the comfort of your own home.

Once a Week Classroom Meetings on Tuesday Evenings 6-9PM

Where: Yerushalayim, Givat Shaul, Bet Aharon, Rechov HaOfeh 4. 

Academic Hours: 110

We offerGuaranteed Placement Opportunities 

                  Assistance in writing your CV and finding your first job

Registration Fee: 500 NIS     

Tuition: 6,000 NIS, payable in 6 installments (Possibility of Financial Aid for Qualified Olim Chadashim)

Take this course in your free time & Start working  in a new job working from home according to flexible & convenient hours!

To schedule an interview or for more details:

Mrs. Chana Ratner


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