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First of all, I wanted to thank you for recommending me to Yaron and Tomer at Cybersafe, I'm iy"h starting a 250 hour internship right after bein hazmanim, after the training be"H I'll be working for them.
We know that parnassah and jobs are from Hashem, but if not for you and Tzomet, I can't imagine how I would be where I am today - looking forward to working at something I love, and in a field where it's possible to have a parnassah and support a kollel life long term. Thank you so much for making this possible.


I'll keep you updated as I keep learning and progressing iy"H!

All the best,
Leah Rosenberg

July 2021


Hi, as we are about to approach the half way mark in the Cybersecurity course, I want to say thank you for all you have done, without Tzomet, I would have not thought I was capable of doing anything that I am doing or had a drive to learn, thank you so much for the wonderful program!!!!!!!!!

All the best,

Zevy, RBS

Jan. '21


Thank you!!


I don't think that I will forget you so quickly. I am a huge fan of Tzomet. I think you guys are awesome, filling a very important role in both helping people find their career path and then helping them traverse it. I am very grateful for all that you do and the way that you do it- always willing to go the extra mile to help out each student in any which way.

Kol hakovod!!


-Shifra Z. Brooklyn, NY, Student in Tzomet Cyber Training Program, December, 2020

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ratner,

How very lucky we were to have met such wonderful people.  People who really care about others, people who want to make a difference in the world.  How much effort and thought were put into each class and into the entire program.  Amazing teachers, fantastic material, truly a wonderful experience.  We could not let the course go by without expressing our hakaras hatov to you both.  So here it is THANK YOU for all you did for us.  


Tzomet ESL Class of 2019

Tzini, Devorah, Chani, Aviva, Faigy, Yehudis, Smadar and Rivkie

May you only have bracha and hatzlacha in everything you do.

ok TY for  this amazing fun interactive professional Cybersecurity course! No matter where I'm holding I've gained tons by joining so Thank You!

Yisroel Meir D.

Lakewood, NJ

Chana and Jonathan, I would like to express my thanks and tell both of you how impressed I am with the teaching component and (esp.!) the tech component of our ESL course … may you be blessed for giving this opportunity to the frum Chareidi segment.  I sure made the right decision in not trying to learn this stuff thorough an online course, because my grasp of tech stuff is so weak (still is ) … so the personalized approach works for me best.  Thanks for your professionalism, your pleasantness and your persistence in putting up with some of my desperate pleas for tech explanations.   

Not only that, but I met terrific people through this course as well --- good for you for attracting them.  Just as we reached the last few sessions, I could feel the classmates turning into friends.   May it continue!

Thanks, and please let us know of any future Computers For Nebs courses, thanks … (yes, I do think it is a good idea, in all seriousness.  Anyone over a certain age, or anyone who grows up w/o computers is going to be in serious trouble in terms of banking and other societal functions ...

"We recently made aliya with our sixteen year old son.  We came to Tzomet for educational guidance and  Mrs. Ratner and her staff worked with him to pinpoint his personality strengths and interests and then discussed different parnasa options and the educational paths to get there. I think that the process has helped my son to think more seriously about his future and to become more goal oriented.

Olim need all the support we can get, especially in the critical area of educational guidance for our children,. I’m very happy that we have good honest people like those at Tzomet providing ongoing expert guidance. The low cost of the service is dwarfed by the tremendous benefits - it's a no-brainer."

Hi Jonathan,

I received great help from you guys.

Your wife referred me to Machon Lev and it’s going great so far.

Thank you

Yaakov S.


"Tzomet helped me tremendously to gain clarity on my career direction and choose the best educational programs to reach my goals." 

A. Shon, Yerushalayim

"I highly recommend  Tzomet Career Counseling. I made aliya about a year ago and what a relief to work with Mrs. Ratner, who takes you through the parnasa search process holistically, from the ground up, first by getting to know you – your personality, your strengths and interests - and then by mapping out a realistic plan to try to obtain the fulfilling parnasa I was seeking.  Tzomet has tools which are insightful, practical, and fun to work with."

AP, Ramat Beit Shemesh

"I have immense appreciation to Chana Ratner for her career guidance that saved me much money and frustration!"

C. Shetov, Yerushalayim

Dear Rabbi and Mrs Ratner,

Thank you so much for all the time, effort, thought and all else that went into creating this English TEFL course.  I looked forward to each and every class!

There was so much I learned - from personality types which helped me understand myself and others around me, to hands on practice of getting up on camera, to crafting a CV and practicing interview questions.  So much real-life knowledge and skills were learned and I appreciate that greatly.

I will miss this course and look forward to keeping you updated after the chagim.


T. Rosenberg

Givat Zev

"Tzomet has developed computerized tools that grasp the strengths, inclinations, goals and values of the individual, The staff offers insight which is action-oriented  to formulate a coherent strategy that is actually achievable. In my experience, Tzomet's staff continued to advise me on my education and I felt secure that I would reach my goal in an otherwise complex system."

R. Schwartz, Detroit, USA

"I was so pleased with Tzomet. Their knowledge and experience assisted my development and thanks to them I was able to actualize my full potential in finding employment!"

S. Levine, Yerushalyim

"Without the help of Chana Ratner, I would still be trying to work out what I want to be and with no direction how to get there.

She opened up my eyes to the world of opportunities available to me, took me on a path of self discovery and helped me in finding the right career path, one that I today truly enjoy and in which I have found real meaningful purpose. 

However the real reason why I would recommend Tzomet is because of the caring and devotion to the clientele which I experienced firsthand and for which I am forever grateful.  The dedication towards helping me was above and beyond what I would have ever expected, and it is because of this that I HIGHLY recommend Tzomet. To find people in today's world so willing to help and go that extra mile is such a rarity that I cannot say enough to thank them for their integrity, passion and devotion to helping others."

B. Spitzer, England

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